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Volunteer for Yamhill County COVID-19 Match Program

KLYC "In Touch" Yamhill CountyYamhill County COVID-19 Match Program. KLYC “In Touch” is launching our matching service for senior citizens in Yamhill County in need during the COVID-19 crisis. COVID-19 “At Risk” is basically defined as people 60 and over and/or people with underlying heath conditions. Some of these people are “In Need” of help so they don’t take the chance of contracting the virus. We need your help!

What do volunteers do?

  • Get matched with a senior in need.
  • Occasionally pick up groceries, medicines and essential items and deliver them to their matched neighbor.
  • You leave the items on the porch and call to let them know they are there and then you may leave or stand in the yard to communicate with them.
  • In-bound calls for assistance are handled by the KLYC staff members who will then contact a volunteer for help.

People over 60 and those with underlying conditions have no business taking the risk of going out in public. This is why we are reaching out for folks with less risk to help us.

Do you have a couple of hours a week to spare? If so how about helping our neighbors in need. It gets you out of the house and keeps them safe. All of us are in this together and need to help each other. KLYC is donating the call in line and people to answer the phones. We care about Yamhill County and the COVID-19 risks for our neighbors “In Need”.

To volunteer contact KLYC at (503) 472-1260 or fill out our application form online.

Yamhill County COVID-19 Match Program is powered by KLYC Radio and Yamhill County Live.

For more information on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention visit the CDC website. There are many tips and information on the Cornavirus strain named COVID-19.

KLYC cares about Yamhill County residents and you should too.

Volunteers Needed - Covid-19 Match Program, Yamhill County