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Eric Elliot hosts 'Back at the Bunkhouse' every Sunday evening from six to eight. Eric puts the 'western' back into country western with his unique style.

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Eric plays everything from Sons of The Pioneers to more modern western music. Eric has even been known to play music from, home grown, local artists, such as national award winning Joni Harms and The Oregon Valley Boys.

Eric began his career in radio broadcasting in1976. Having honed his broadcasting skills at three different radio stations in Reno, Nevada, KUNR ( NPR, university station ), KBUL FM ( top 40 country ) and KHWG (now off the air).

It's rumored that Eric left Nevada with a posse hot on his trail in 2002, eventually settling in Carlton, Oregon. Of course, the posse part is just a rumor. Or is it....?

Eric and his wife live on a ranch just outside of Carlton, Oregon, with fifteen horses, one Border Collie, five cats and a huge feed bill!