October 11, 2017

 The cities of Lafayette and McMinnville, through the McMinnville Water and Light Commission, have reached a tentative agreement on provisions for a long-term water supply agreement. Lafayette Mayor Chris Pagella said, “This agreement for supplemental water will help us meet increasing water demands far into the future. Our participation in a regional coalition to pursue shared long-term water resources will continue as will our encouragement of conservation and dedication to maintaining/improving our water infrastructure to support healthy growth for the future of Lafayette.”

Over the next several months, Lafayette and McMinnville will be finalizing the details for a 21-year water supply contract, while Lafayette works to plan and design a transmission line from McMinnville to Lafayette that is anticipated to deliver water to Lafayette in 2020. “This agreement allows the time to plan infrastructure improvements, evaluate financial alternatives, and determine the best option to invest in a regional water system,” said Mayor Pagella, “and in the short term we can purchase water from MWL and construct the intertie to a future regional system.”


The Yamhill Regional Water Authority was formed in 2012 to acquire water rights on the Willamette River. The plan for the regional water system would initially serve the municipal needs of McMinnville, Carlton, and Lafayette and will be constructed over the next fifteen years.