October 11, 2017

Mac High School will be a busy place early this afternoon (wed). Federal Education Secretary Betsy Devos will visit to learn first hand the "hands on" educational experiences afforded to Mac High Students. Specificially she will vist the EASA classrooms. Easa stands for Engineering and Aerospace Academy.
Superintent Maryalice Russell says the district is happy to share the positive results at Mac Schools with anyone.

She isn't the only one who will be visiting. Some of Devos opponents plan on showing up too. They are gathering the troops through postings on Facebook. The school is asking protestors to stay off school grounds and not interfere with students.

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici says she is happy Devos is visiting McMinnville, but wishes she would visit Congress as well. Bonamici says it's been eight months since she was sworn in as Education Secretary and has yet to appear before the House Education Committee.
McMinnville Police Chief Matt Scales says extra officers have been called in to provide security and they are hoping for no trouble. In about a week, he will share with KLYC News how much this visit will cost the city of McMinnville in police services overtime.