Here is an overview and supporting documents, including witness reports of the action that Leonard DeWitt undertook July 27, 1943 that we believe deserve Medal of Honor status.    We believe the evidence supports the conclusion that General Douglas McArthur tended to favor one company over another.    The Medal of Honor recomendation sat on McArthur's desk for up to two years before it was acted on.


Overview of Leonard DeWitt's actions to warrant the Medal of Honor, how you can help.

41st Commanding General recomendation for Medal of Honor

Affidavits from Seargant Parker on DeWitt's actions

Affidavit from Infantry Captain Colvert on DeWitt's actions

Affidavits from Sgt. Gibson on DeWitt actions

Second Lt. Robert Hudson, supposed witness to DeWitt actions (per Leonard's wife Joanne, Hudson's account is false.  Leonard said Hudson had no part in these activities and he only wanted to "look good" by saying he helped DeWitt.

Major General Fuller recomend citation gallantry under fire

41st Division, Colonel Sweeney recomends Medal of Honor