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ODOT: Valley, No. Coast: US 101 will remain closed approximately 12 miles north of Florence, in Lane County, through the weekend, after a retaining wall adjacent to the highway failed in heavy rain, causing damage to the roadway. ODOT engineers will develop a plan to address the wall failure and repairs will be constructed as soon as weather allows. Travelers should plan alternate routes to Central Coast destinations, as there is no detour available.



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Christmas Tree Lighting in McMinnville - November 28th

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police shooting


The Yamhill County District Attorney says the McMinnville Police acted within the law and in accordance with their training in the shooting of  stabbing suspect Jeventino Burmudez Arenas on November 15th. In the video below, a McMinnville Police dash cam captures the actual shooting of Jeventino Burmudez Arenas. DA Presentation 11:54 - Dash Cam Video 8:47

The 911 Call: 2:33

The Police Radio Traffic: 7:00

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More of the specifics have been answered as to what actually happened on that fateful night of November 15th in McMinnville when Linfield student Parker Moore was stabbed, but to some people the most important question of why it happened, may never be answered.

Yamhill County District Attorney Bradley Berry is ruling that officers were justified in their shooting of Arenas. As of December 8th, the officers involved in the shooting had not yet returned to duty.

Yamhill County District Attorney Bradley Berry on several occasions in the news conference called the death of Parker Moore a murder at the hands of Jeventino Burmudez Arenas but little explanation has been given as to why Arenas killed Moore.

jeventino burmudez arenas weilding knifeStill video surveilance pictures, released to the media, show Arenas holding a knife in his left hand and approaching Moore inside the store while Moore was standing at the counter waiting to make a purchase.

Arenas then stabbed Moore twice in the chest, and it wasn't until Arenas ran from the store that those inside realized that parker Moore had been stabbed.

Arenas then returned to the store as police were tending to the wounds of Parker Moore, and after Arenas was identified to officers, officers ordered Arenas to drop the knife and get on the ground. Officers say Arenas was standing with his hands in the air, clenching the knife, acting agitated. Arenas took one step towards officers and the officers opened fire. One officer firing 11 times.joventino bermudez arenas 148x200

District Attorney Berry says the commands were given in English because the officers only had a split second to make a decision. Berry says a person would think that officers yelling at you with guns drawn should cause a person to know it was in their best interests to drop any weapon they were holding.

Berry says he is ruling this as a justified shooting and that the officers reacted as they were trained to. We are still waiting for toxicology reports to come back on both Moore and Arenas, but Berry admits we may never know why Arenas stabbed a man in the chest who he apparently had never even met before. 


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KLYC has added a new program entitled "That's The Law" with your host, McMinnville Attorney, Samuel R. Justice.  Sam is with the Haugeberg, Rueter, Gowell, Fredricks & Higgins law firm in McMinnville.  Sam will comment on decisions of note in the Oregon Court of Appeals as well as the Supreme Court.

In the first couple episodes, sam will comment on a police traffic stop where a passenger was detained because an officer was waiting for a warrant check, as well as an interesting decision about the dismissal of an employee who refused to perform an assigned task. The employee filed an unemployment claim which the employer contested. Please join us in welcoming Sam, Monday at 6:05 AM!

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